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Two very important shows coming up!

more details (time/cost) coming soon, but just to warn you well in advance:

Saturday, November 18th
These Green Eyes - Madison, CT
The Amber Fashion - Springfield, MA
A Drop Dead Star - Peterborough, NH
Mercutio - Keene, NH
Peterborough, NH @ The Country Club

Come support some local bands and check out the two bands from ma and ct! These Green Eyes have been dying to play here and I finally got a chance to hook them up with a show. You may have gotten a sampler of them at the Keene music fest a few years back.

Thursday, December 28th
The Genders - ISRAEL
La Guillotine - Springfield, MA
American Business Machines - Springfield, MA
a local band or two tba
Peterborough, NH @ The Country Club

The Genders are touring America, make sure you check them out! Also, two of my favorite bands out of western mass will be opening. If you like to dance, you have to be at this show. If you know of any locals that would fit in for this, please contact me asap. I'd rather not open the show with anything emo or hardcore. . think dancey punk rock.

Flyers/other info very soon.
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