breathing for two.. (my_warm_regard) wrote in keenearea_scene,
breathing for two..


name: Christina Diddy
age: 18
town: hometown- derry, nh. current locale- keene state college
favorite bands: the sounds, cursive, doves, gentle waves, modest mouse, seafood, the dears, the smiths, arcade fire, broken social scene, garbage, minus the bear
favorite local bands: i don't know local bands in keene (why i'm posting) fave local bands in derry area = bravo fucking bravo, black bear, transistor transistor
favorite songs: friends with all the dead kids?
hobbies/activities: eating, crafting.. what else is there to do?
a picture if you'd like, not necessary:

i found this community a while ago and it seemed pretty dead. but i figured i'd give it a shot anyway. i'm very much new to the keene area scene and i've yet to find the little bugger.. meaning some shows and some good people. i also have no way of getting to shows. BUT the question is how the scene here?? friendly? active? happening? energetic or what? essentially i'm looking for someone to take me under his or her wing but i'll settle for someone who can tell me where the action is and if it's good action!
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